Manual: How to multistream with OBS

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Manual: How to multistream with OBS

What is Streamster?
Streamster is a multistreaming service that allows broadcasting to several platforms at once using its own applications (for Windows, iOS, Android), and 3rd party streaming software, including OBS. Multistreaming to 2 platforms is available in the Free pricing plan.

1. Set up OBS video source.

1.1. Set up your scene in OBS.

1.2. Click FileSettingsStream and get ready to paste Server URL and Stream Key


2. Set up multistreaming in Streamster web app.

2.1. Register and log in to your Streamster account at

2.2. Choose the “OBS Studio” option.

OBS1 (1)

2.3. Copy the “Stream URL” and “Stream Key” fields and, paste them to relevant fields in OBS and click “Apply“. Then click the “Start streaming” button on the main controls menu of OBS.

obs2 (1)

2.4. Click the “Add channel” button and choose the platforms you want to stream to, one by one.

obs3 (1)

2.5. Follow the connection instructions, if needed (1), paste necessary stream data (2), and save the channel (3).


2.6. Start streaming to platforms.