Manual: How to multistream with OBS

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Manual: How to multistream with OBS

Few words about Streamster
Streamster is a free live streaming application for Windows. Besides its video editing capabilities, it has a cloud-based multistreaming feature which allows streaming to several platforms at once. Streamster multistreaming to 2 any endpoints (including Facebook pages/groups and custom RTMP) is free, and pricing for more channels restreaming is affordable. That's why it is good solution for using with OBS for multistreaming
Starting using Streamster to expand your audience is as easy as pie – just download it for free and install the app.

1. Set up OBS video source.

1.1. Set up your scene in OBS.

1.2. Run your virtual camera in OBS by clicking the Start Virtual Camera button. It will allow using OBS video source and set up an audio source in Streamster (it also has an audio mixer). If you need to use OBS audio source as well, please read this article.

OBS multistreaming

2. Set up multistreaming in Streamster app.

2.1. Download Streamster and install it.

2.2. Click the “Add layer” button.

Creating video scene

2.3. Choose the “Web camera” video source.

Streamster web camera

2.4. Select the “OBS Virtual Camera” from the list of the web cameras.

OBS multistreaming

2.5. Close the layer settings window, click the “Add channel” to set up streaming to multiple platforms.

Streamster create channel

2.6. Follow the connection instructions (1) and start your stream (2).

Create streaming channel