VPN for live streaming


VPN for live streaming

Why VPN from Streamster?
Many broadcasters prefer using a VPN while streaming. But HD live video stream requires a stable connection but not all VPN providers are able to provide it. That's why Streamster (streaming application for Windows) offers a built-in VPN in all paid packages. It means you can establish a secured and encrypted connection to our servers within the app. The VPN will protect ALL TRAFFIC from/to your computer - any audio/video streams sent by Streamster as well as any traffic generated by your Web browser. Streamster VPN feature doesn't cost additional money: it is additional benefit to a cloud-based multistreaming feature (from $15/month or $0,24/hour for 4 custom RTMP channels).
Starting using Streamster to expand your audience is as easy as pie – just download and install our Windows app. Then create an account to choose the needed pricing plan.

How to activate VPN in Streamster?

1. Download the Streamster app and install it on your Windows PC.

2. Create the Streamster account, log in with your credentials on https://account.streamster.io and choose any paid pricing plan.

3. Activate VPN by clicking the toggle on the right from the bitrate slider.

VPN for streaming

4.  If needed, click on the VPN indicator to check your connection health.

VPN for live streaming