Multistream with Mac

Using streaming software on a MacBook allows users to broadcast live video and audio content over the internet. This is particularly useful for individuals and businesses who want to reach a large audience through platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. Streaming software offers a range of features like screen sharing, multiple camera inputs, and custom branding, allowing content creators to produce professional-looking streams that engage and entertain their audience.

How to set up the live stream on Mac

Streamster doesn’t currently have an application that is compatible with MacOS. However, you can use third party software such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs Desktop or Ecamm Live to create your live stream. Each has its own pros and cons so you should consider your specific streaming needs before making a decision.

Multistreaming on Mac

You can use Streamster for Mac to multistream your content to several platforms, easily and intuitively. Using our cloud-based technology, you can multistream to as many platforms as you want, without worrying about your processor speed or latency issues. Instead, you’ll provide the high-quality content that your followers demand while keeping your internet usage to a minimum.

Start multistreaming with Streamster

Step 2. Download and install the streaming software (OBS Studio/Streamlabs/Ecamm Live).
Step 3. Set up your scene in your streaming app.
Step 4. Log in the Streamster web app at, and copy the RTMP URL and Stream Key.
Step 5. Paste the RTMP URL and Stream key into your streaming app
Step 6. Start streaming from your streaming software to the Streamster server to test your connection.
Step 7. Use the Streamster web app to check the stream quality, set up streaming channels and start your broadcast to one of them or all at once. Read more about setting up the streaming channel.
Or watch our video guide below.


Do you plan to release a Streamster desktop app for Mac?
Yes, we have plans to launch the Streamster desktop app for Mac and look forward to sharing more details soon!
What software is better to use to create the live stream on Mac?
It depends on your requirements and needs. For example, OBS Studio has a great number of features and settings, Ecamm Live is easier to use, and Streamlabs has many benefits for gamers.
How much do the Streamster services cost?
If you’re only streaming to one or two platforms, Streamster is completely free to use. Upgrade to one of our paid plans if you need to stream to more platforms or want to benefit from additional features. Find out more about Streamster pricing plans here.

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