Event live streaming

Hosting a special event such as a fundraiser, festival, concert, wedding, baptism, sports event, political rally, or corporate conference and want to live stream to people who can’t be there in person?
Streamster is the perfect live-streaming software. With just the touch of a button, you can share your event with a global audience, expand your reach, create a sense of community, or even provide a paid experience for exclusive attendees.
Using advanced, cloud-based software, we’ll take care of the processing and internet usage, so you don’t have to. Whether you want to stream to just one or two platforms for free or upgrade to a paid plan, Streamster is the perfect, stress-free option for you.

Best streaming software for live events

Streamster makes it easy to stream your live events, grow your audience and get the exposure you deserve, without worrying about internet usage or computer processor speeds. Our live video streaming software for Windows with a cloud-based multistreaming (restreaming) feature is intuitive, inexpensive, and trusted by thousands of users around the world. Streamster is compatible with all popular platforms and offers a desktop streaming app for Windows, a Desktop streaming app for Windows a mobile app for iOS/Android, and a web-based multistreaming service compatible with OBS and other popular streaming software.

Why live stream your event with Streamster?

With our outstanding cloud technology, Streamster allows you to focus on streaming your live event via multiple platforms that support RTMP without worrying about your internet usage or processor load.
We will do all the hard computer work, no matter how many streams you want to broadcast to so you can relax, enjoy the livestreaming experience, and get the exposure you need, completely stress-free.
Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, Streamster has the perfect solution for you.
You can use the desktop app to stream directly from your webcam or use your smartphone to create an impressive livestream, wherever you are.
Switching between video sources during your live stream is easy and stress-free with Streamster. Combine your web camera, smartphone, and live-action camera with our software to create an exciting and engaging stream of your event that helps you boost your visibility and boost revenue.
Do you want to stream a one-off event or stream infrequently? We have the perfect price plan for you. Just top up your Streamster account with any amount starting from $1 and you can use your balance to pay for high-quality multistreaming without any hidden expenses.
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Recommended pricing plans

  • ~
  • Perfect for event managers who only stream to one or two platforms and need HD video quality without any expenses.
Popular Choice
/ month
  • Or $0.48 per hour in pay-per-use plan
  • ~
  • Perfect for: event managers who want to grow their audience by streaming up to four platforms simultaneously.
/ month
  • Or $0.96 per hour in pay-per-use plan
  • ~
  • Perfect for event managers who need to stream to multiple platforms with the highest possible quality on each of them.

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