VPN for Livestreaming

Why use a VPN when you stream live?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure and private connection over the internet by encrypting the data transmitted between a user’s device and the VPN server. There are several reasons why streamers may use VPN to broadcast their live content (if allowed by the streaming platform).
Live stream protection. Using a VPN can protect your live video by encrypting the data transmitted between your device and the streaming platform’s server, making it more difficult for anyone to intercept or view your video stream without authorization. This can help ensure the privacy and security of your live video, especially when streaming on public Wi-Fi networks or in regions with restrictive internet policies.
The necessity to stream to platforms that are currently blocked for the user. By using a VPN, you can stream to platforms that are blocked by government censorship, workplace policies or similar restrictions. They allow you to bypass these restrictions by connecting to a server located in a different region where the streaming platform is not blocked.
The VPN encrypts your data and routes it through the server, making it appear as though your internet traffic is originating from that server location rather than your actual location. This can help you access the blocked platform and live stream your content without any issues.

Streamster VPN

VPN feature is built-in to the Streamster desktop application and available in each paid pricing plan starting from Lite. Once activated, all your internet traffic is encrypted and goes through Streamster servers.
Please note. The feature is supported in the desktop app only, so it can be used on a PC with Windows OS installed.
VPN for live stream
There are a number of advantages to using Streamster as your VPN provider for the live stream:
No extra software is needed. You need just one application to multistream and to establish your secure VPN connection.
No extra payments. The VPN service is included in your restreaming tariffs.
High network speed. A high-quality live stream requires high internet speed and a stable connection. The Streamster VPN is designed especially for live streaming, so ensures you can stay private while streaming effectively.
Easy to use. Just click one button and your connection is secured.
1. Download the Streamster app and install it on your Windows PC.
2. Create the Streamster account, log in with your credentials on https://app.streamster.io and choose any paid pricing plan.
3. Activate VPN by clicking the toggle on the right from the bitrate slider.
4. If needed, click on the VPN indicator to check your connection health.

Tariff plans with the VPN feature available

/ month
  • Or $0.48 per hour in pay-per-use plan
  • ~
  • Max. multistreaming channels: 4
  • Max. bitrate (for each channel): 7000 kbps
/ month
  • Or $0.96 per hour in pay-per-use plan
  • ~
  • Max. multistreaming channels: 6
  • Max. bitrate (for each channel): 10000 kbps
/ month
  • Or $1.56 per hour in pay-per-use plan
  • ~
  • Max. multistreaming channels: 8
  • Max. bitrate (for each channel): 15000 kbps


Does using the VPN affect the quality of my live streaming?
Using the VPN will slightly increase your network load (by approx. 5-10%). Provided that your network can handle this, your video quality will remain the same.
Are there any restrictions on using VPN on streaming platforms?
Yes, some platforms do not allow streamers to use VPNs. We strongly recommend exploring every platform’s rules before using the VPN feature.
Is it legal to use VPN?
Yes, it is legal to use a VPN in most countries including the US and EU.
Are there any restrictions on using Streamster VPN?
We do not allow the use of the VPN for any illegal activities, including using torrents. We also reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate the accounts of any users who violate any applicable laws, at any time, at our discretion.
How much does the service cost?
VPN is available with every Streamster paid plan starting from Lite. Discover all pricing plans.