Streamster Business Studio

If you represent a streaming agency, eLearning project, Esports organization, virtual events platform, or webcam studio, you may need to manage multiple live content creators. Streamster makes it simple, allowing you to monitor and control all users remotely in real-time, using just one dashboard. No matter if the streamer creates live content with the Streamster app or a different software (e.g. OBS), the Streamster Business Studio can be used to optimize your livestreaming business. Business Studio is free to use (streamers’ accounts can be both free and paid according to our tariffs).

Manage all users with just one account

With Streamster, you can create all accounts on a single dashboard, manage them and monitor usage statistics with ease. You can even get discounts on subscriptions or pay-per-plan use if you pay for all-paid tariff plans together.
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Monitor all streams on one dashboard

Keep your eye on streaming quality and fix any issues from just one screen when you use Streamster Business Studio for optimal audience satisfaction and loyalty. Stay informed which platforms receive streams from your creators right now.

Control the user’s stream

Steamster’s Business Studio provides you with total control over the streamer’s webcam or other video source directly from your device. You can set up the streaming channel, change settings, start/stop streaming or switch cameras. And if using Streamster desktop app, you can even use video filters and zoom in/out during the stream.

Preview live streams

You can view the live stream of each user with no delay and control the quality of the content in real-time with Streamster. Open the preview for the single user or even watch several live streams simultaneously for maximum control.

Grow your brand with the Streamster white label

Get benefits from white labeling, which is paid optional extra for business accounts. Offer your employees or customers the desktop streaming application with your name, design, list of streaming channels, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on white labeling.
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How to create an account with Streamster Business Studio?
First, you need to create an individual Streamster account. Once it is created, log in to your account, go to the “Profile” section and click the "Switch to business" button. More details.
How much does the Streamster Business Studio cost?
Business account itself is free to use. But if your content creators need paid accounts to extend the functionality, the Business Studio admin can purchase them according to our individual pricing plans.
Can I have a discount if I have more streamers in my account?
Here at Streamster, we offer bonuses depending on the amount you charge your account with:
$0-99 + 0%
$100-199 + 10%
$200-499 + 20%
$500-1000 + 30%
$1000-4999 + 40%
$5000+ (contact us)
Thus, the more paid accounts you have and the longer period you prepay, the higher discount you get.
What devices and software can streamers use for broadcasting?
Content creators can stream from their PC using the Streamster desktop app, or from a mobile device using the Streamster mobile app. They can also use third-party software, including OBS or any of the popular video encoders, live switchers, or even action cameras for broadcasting.

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