Video Recording

Video recording feature

With Streamster, you can also record your live stream so that you can share it later with a wider audience, even if they couldn’t be there at the time.
Best of all, you can also review the stream, edit it, identify areas for improvement and repurpose it for maximum impact. It’s easy with Streamster.

Video recording with Streamster

The video recording feature is available in the Streamster desktop application for FREE. Even if you choose not to stream your content live, you can record it, save it on your computer and share it later.
In addition to recording video from a webcam, you can also save a recording from your screen or a chosen application.
The Streamster mobile application currently doesn’t currently allow you to record video from your smartphone, but you can use it as a remote control to record video from your computer. When you launch the Streamster app on your PC, you can start recording remotely, and the file will be stored on your computer’s HDD.


Which extensions do the recorded files have?
The Streamster app records files in MP4 or FLV formats. You can change these in the app settings.
Can I stream and record the video at the same time?
Sure! If you stream with the Streamster desktop app, you can also record the video on your PC if needed.
Is it free?
Yes, the feature is available in the FREE version of the app.