Streaming for education

Reaching a wider range of students and delivering engaging, thought-provoking content is easier than ever thanks to the Streamster app. With our cutting-edge cloud-base streaming software, outstanding selection of features and no need to worry about internet usage, latency speeds or processor loads, you can stream your lectures, discussions or demonstrations, answer questions and provide feedback in real time, completely stress-free. You can even save and share your live stream for future reference.
Even if you’re not a tech genius, you’ll find it easy and intuitive to use the app and stream to one or multiple platforms. The result? Happier and more engaged students who can reach their potential and the ability to change the world from the comfort of your own home or educational environment.

Best streaming software for education

Streamster is a live video streaming software for Windows with a cloud-based multistreaming (restreaming) feature. Trusted by thousands of streamers around the world, Streamster is compatible with all popular streaming platforms including Facebook Live and YouTube, and allows simultaneous streaming to several platforms with low processor load and moderate internet traffic usage. You have several broadcast options including the Streamster desktop streaming app to capture and stream your lecture or Streamster web-based multistreaming service to restream your video from OBS or different software.

Why use Streamster for education streaming?

Streamster uses advanced cloud-based technology to help you stream to the maximum number of learners without impacting your internet usage or processor load. All the hard computer work will happen at our end, not yours. This means you can focus on what you’re good at– delivering engaging lectures, classes, discussions and demonstrations to your students, no matter where in the world you are.
Simple, intuitive, and cost-effective, Streamster makes it easy to stream to one or multiple platforms that supports RTMP and connect with your learners in real-time.
Visual learning resources are essential if you want to get your students engaged and accelerate their learning. Streamster allows you to do this easily, offering you the possibility to share your screen or a certain window with your students during the live stream. You can even show several files at once or change their positions during your broadcast. Easy!
Streamster helps you create a more dynamic learning experience with the option to combine various sources of content in one streaming scene.
You can mix the video from your webcam with educational materials, edit the scene dynamically, or combine audio from the microphone with sound from your desktop, even when you’re in the middle of streaming. You can even record the stream on your PC if needed for future reference.
If you’re multistreaming to just one of two platforms, you won’t pay a cent for the Streamster software. You can benefit from free high-quality streaming without ads, watermarks, or restrictions on your usage time.
Prefer not to pay a subscription for multistreaming to 2+ platforms? No worries- Streamster offers a pay-per-use pricing plan that is easy to use and only charges for streaming time. Simply top up your account with at least $1 and use your balance however you wish with zero hidden costs.
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Recommended pricing plans

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  • Perfect for teachers and tutors who only stream to one or two platforms and want the highest quality video without any expenses.
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/ month
  • Or $0.48 per hour in pay-per-use plan
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  • Perfect for teachers focused on growing their audience by streaming to four platforms simultaneously.
/ month
  • Or $0.96 per hour in pay-per-use plan
  • ~
  • Perfect for experienced streamers who need to stream to more platforms, maximise quality and follow each platform’s requirements.

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