How to stream to several platforms with different video settings?

Specific streaming settings for specific endpoints

Want your streaming to reach more end-users? Want to rank highly without compromising on video quality? The Streamster Transcoding feature can help.
Unlike many other streaming platforms, we won’t force you to limit your live video performances. Nor will you need to figure out how to use a complicated and time-consuming restreaming system to meet the needs of your users. Instead, simply use the Streamster Transcoding feature and select from two advanced preference sets including different Resolutions, FPS and Bitrates. (Part of the Lite+ and Pro+ pricing plans).
No extra processor work. No extra network load. Just quality every time.
The transcoding feature is built-in to the Streamster app. Alternatively, you can use it with a different streaming software e.g. OBS by setting channels settings in browser.
Restream transcoding

Key features of Streamster Transcoding:

Different live stream Resolutions, FPS and Bitrate options
Up to 2k/60FPS on original channels and up to 1080p/30FPS on transcoded channels
Less than one-second additional latency
Unlimited usage with monthly subscription (from $30/month) or pay-per-use model (from $0.48/hour)
Switch on or off transcoding and change bitrate for the original and transcoded channels on the fly during the live stream
No extra processor and network load – it’s all on our end.

How to set up the Transcoding with Streamster :

First, just create channels that you want to stream to.
Streamster create channel
Then you need to set up the transcoded channel.
Streamster transcoding settings
And assign channels to original or transcoded quality.
Live stream transcoding
You also can activate/deactivate transcoding for a certain channel on the main panel.
Live stream transcoding

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