How to stream to Telegram channel or group using an external encoder?


How to stream to Telegram channel or group using an external encoder?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, instant communication has become an essential part of our daily lives. Telegram Messenger, known for its privacy-focused features and extensive functionality, has taken a step further by introducing a live stream feature. This exciting addition allows users to broadcast their experiences, share knowledge, and connect with their audience in real-time. Let’s delve into Telegram’s live stream feature and explore the benefits it offers.

How to live stream in Telegram

Seamless Broadcasting Experience

Telegram’s live stream feature provides a seamless broadcasting experience for users. With just a few taps, you can initiate a live stream and instantly reach a large audience. Whether you want to host a webinar, deliver a keynote speech, showcase your talent, or engage in real-time discussions, Telegram’s live stream feature allows you to connect with your audience effortlessly.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Privacy has always been at the core of Telegram’s philosophy, and the live stream feature is no exception. Telegram ensures end-to-end encryption for all its communications, including live streams. This means that your content remains secure and accessible only to your intended audience. With the added option to restrict access to specific users or groups, you have complete control over who can view your live stream, ensuring a safe and private broadcasting experience.

Interactivity and Engagement

Telegram’s live stream feature promotes interactivity and engagement by allowing viewers to participate in the live stream through real-time comments and reactions. This interactive element fosters a sense of community and enables direct communication between the streamer and the audience. Streamers can gauge audience reactions, address questions, and build connections, making the live stream feature a powerful tool for engagement and collaboration.

Multi-platform Accessibility

Telegram is available on various platforms, including mobile devices, desktops, and web browsers. This multi-platform accessibility extends to the live stream feature as well. Viewers can join a live stream from their preferred device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This versatility ensures that your live stream reaches a wider audience, regardless of the platform they use, making it convenient for both streamers and viewers alike.

Seamless Integration with Telegram Ecosystem

One of the notable advantages of Telegram’s live stream feature is its integration with the broader Telegram ecosystem. Streamers can leverage Telegram’s existing features, such as channel broadcasts and public groups, to promote and share their live streams with their existing followers. This seamless integration enhances discoverability and allows streamers to tap into their existing Telegram communities, extending their reach and maximizing their impact.

Telegram video broadcasting

Using external encoders to stream live in Telegram

External encoders offer a range of advantages for live streaming. These encoders provide flexibility and customization, allowing you to control video quality, resolution, audio sources, and more. They also support streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously, offer advanced features like scene transitions and multiple camera inputs, and ensure stability and reliability during the streaming process.

However, using external encoders requires a learning curve as you familiarize yourself with the software’s functionalities and settings. You should also consider system requirements, such as processor capabilities and internet bandwidth, to ensure optimal performance. Encoding can consume system resources, so finding the right balance between stream quality and system stability is crucial.

By leveraging external encoders, you can elevate your live streaming experience, create professional-looking broadcasts, and engage your audience with high-quality content.

Please note that currently, you can use external encoder to stream live in Telegram with the Telegram desktop app only.

Streamster is a live broadcasting app (external encoder), designed to create a perfect live stream and deliver it to multiple platforms at once with cloud-based technology. It is available for Windows users and is popular among gamers, performers, influencers and other content creators from all over the world. With Streamster streamers are able to broadcast to Telegram with the Free tariff: no registration, ads, watermarks, etc.
Starting using Streamster is simple – just download and install the app. Registration is not obligatory but it unlocks additional features.

Stream to Telegram groups and channels using Streamster app

1. Set up the external encoder in the Telegram desktop app

1.1. Open the Telegram desktop app on your computer.

1.2. Open the group or channel you want to stream to

1.3. Click the “Video” button (1) and choose the “Stream with” option (2).

1.4. Copy your “Server URL” (1) and “Stream key” (2) to the Streamster app (see the “Set up Telegram channel in Streamster” section below).

1.5. Click the “Start streaming” button once the data is copied.

2. Set up the Telegram channel in Streamster

2.1. Click the “Add channel” button in the Streamster web app or Streamster desktop app.

2.2. Select the “Telegram” icon.

2.3. Paste the Server URL (1) and Stream key (2) copied on step 1.4. Then click the “Add channel” button (3).

2.4. Launch the live stream on the platform.