Cloud-based multistreaming

Use Streamster to increase your audience

When you live stream with Streamster, the hard computer work happens at our end, not yours. All video splitting processes take place on our servers which minimises the load on your processor and keeps your internet usage at a minimum.
It doesn’t matter how many channels you’re broadcasting to - it will be like you’re streaming through one.

Live stream management

All your active and live streams are displayed on just one page. This allows you to easily switch any of them on and off in seconds.

Multistreaming for businesses

We offer special packages for businesses that need several user accounts. These packages include generous discounts, multiple account management via the control panel and exclusive additional features.

2X channels for free

Use Streamster cloud to stream to any two endpoints for free.
There are no limitations. Just choose any platforms that support RTMP.


Prefer to use your regular software for content creation and use Streamster for multistreaming only? No problem. Streamster is compatible with OBS and most of other programs.

Pay monthly or for usage time only

We offer different pricing plans for broadcasters who want to stream to three or more platforms. If you don’t plan on using Streamster regularly, there’s no need to buy a monthly subscription. Just pay for the time of using our servers with per-minute charging. And if you stream a lot, you can choose a monthly subscription for unlimited usage. The choice is yours!