How to stream to several platforms with different video settings?

Streaming platforms may have different requirements for live streams. Some of them give advantages to creators who broadcast in the highest quality. But some of them limit live video performance. For this reason, streamers often find themselves in a difficult situation. Decreasing quality means lower ranking on some platforms, and its increasing means an unstable stream on other ones. To stream on both, they need to always split the difference when using classic restreaming.
The Streamster Transcoding feature is solving this problem. Users with Lite+ and Pro+ pricing plans are able to stream with 2 preference sets, including different Resolution, FPS, and Bitrate. Let’s say, you are streaming to 6 channels at once. 2 of them require 2k resolution, 60FPS, and 16000 kbps bitrate. And for others 4 the best settings are 1080p, 30FPS, and 5000 kbps bitrate. Now you can set up these streams in Streamster without extra processor and network load.
Restream transcoding
Key features of Streamster Transcoding:
Different live stream Resolution, FPS, Bitrate.
Up to 2k/60FPS on original channels and up to 1080p/30FPS on transcoded channels.
Additional latency for the transcoded stream is less than 1 second in most of cases.
Unlimited usage with monthly subscription (from $30/month) or pay-per-use model (from $0.48/hour).
Turning on/off transcoding and changing bitrate for the original and transcoded channels on the fly during the live stream.
No extra processor and network load – it is all on our end.
Now let’s see how to set up Transcoding in Streamster:
First, just create channels that you want to stream to.
Streamster create channel
Then you need to set up the transcoded channel.
Streamster transcoding settings
And assign channels to original or transcoded quality.
Live stream transcoding
You also can activate/deactivate transcoding for a certain channel on the main panel.
Live stream transcoding

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