How to add the video filter to the web camera stream


How to add the video filter to the web camera stream

What is Streamster?
Streamster is a Windows video content creation and live streaming app. It can deliver your stream to multiple platforms with the help of restreaming technology, which will help you to extend your audience. Streamster has many possibilities for customizing a stream from the web camera, including various video filters.
Starting using Streamster is as easy as pie – just download and install the app.

1. Download and launch the Streamster app (creating an account is optional, but it unlocks additional features).

2. Add the first video source by clicking the “Add layer” button.

Creating video scene

3. Choose the “Web camera” video source and select the needed camera from the list of available devices.

Streamster web camera

4.Click the “Effects” tab to see the list of available filters:

4.1. Select one of the basic filters to change the levels of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, and Opacity.

Live streaming video filters

4.2. Select one of the quick action filters to make your video warmer / colder / darker or lighter.

Web camera filters

4.3. Choose one of the preload Streamster LUT filters. Change filter opacity if needed.

LUT filters live streaming

4.4. Upload your custom LUT filter in .*png or .*cube format by clicking the “Add LUT” button.

Live streaming custom LUT

5. Close the layer settings window, click the “Add channel” to set up streaming to one or multiple platforms.

Streaming with LUT filters

6. Follow the connection instructions (1) and start your stream (2).

Create streaming channel
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