Manual: How to broadcast to


Manual: How to broadcast to

What is Streamster and what kind of benefits does it have?
Streamster is a free broadcasting and multistreaming application for Windows, Android and iOS. It is popular among performers in the adult live streaming industry because it helps them to increase their profits. Streamster can be used for streaming to and other websites simultaneously.
Starting using Streamster to increase your earnings is very simple – just download and install the application.

1. Get RTMP/Token info on

1.1. Log in to your account.

1.2. Click the “Go Live” button in the top right corner.

Broadcast to

1.3. Press the “Get RTMP/Token Info” button. stream key

1.4.  Copy the “RTMP URL” (1) and “Your Streamkey” (2) fields input.

Broadcast to

2. Set up the streaming channel in Streamster.

2.1. Click “Add channel” button.

Streamster create channel

2.2. Select the “” from the list of channels. multistream

2.3. Paste your RTMP URL (1), Stream key (2), and click the Add channel button (3). obs

2.4. Launch the live stream on the platform. streamster

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