How to stream to Facebook and Youtube at the same time for free

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How to stream to Facebook and Youtube at the same time for free

Streamster for mutistreaming
There are a several ways how to stream to Facebook (personal profile, page or group) and Youtube simultaneously. The best one is using streaming software that supports the multistreaming feature. Streamster suits for this purpose perfectly and will allow you to broadcast to Youtube and Facebook with the best quality, easiest streams setup and management. And it's for free!
Starting using Streamster to expand your audience is as easy as pie – just download and install the app. Registration is optional, but it unlocks additional features.

How to set up channels for Youtube and Facebook in Streamster?

1. Download and install the Streamster app.

2. Set up your scene. Please, check our Getting Started video tutorial if needed.

3. Click the “Add Channel” button.

Streamster create channel

4. Click on the Facebook Live logo.

Facebook multistream

5. Click the “+” button to add another platform.

Facebook live restream

6. Choose the Youtube logo.

Youtube multistreaming

7. Paste your Stream key for both platforms (1) click the start button (2).

Youtube and Facebook multistreaming