Manual: How to stream to DLive with external encoder


Manual: How to stream to DLive with external encoder

Why Streamster?
Streamster is the video content creation and live streaming app for Windows. It has many features for video editing and live stream management. And it also can deliver the live stream to multiple platforms with the help of restreaming technology, which allows streamers to expand their audience. DLive streaming channel is available in Streamster among other platfrorms.
Starting using Streamster to expand your audience is very simple – just download and install the app.

1. Set up the external encoder on DLive

1.1. Log in to your DLive account.

1.2. Click the Camera icon in the upper right corner (1) and click the “Encoding Server Information” link at the bottom of the page (2).

DLive multistreaming

1.3. Copy Ingest server link (1) and Stream key (2).

Dlive restream

2. Set up DLive channel in Streamster

2.1. Click “Add channel” button.

Streamster create channel

2.2. Choose “DLive” from the list of channels.

DLive restreaming

2.3. Paste your RTMP URL (1), Stream key (2), and click the Add channel button (3).

dlive obs

2.4. Launch the live stream on the platform.

dlive streamster