How to stream from two computers at the same time


How to stream from two computers at the same time

A few words about Streamster
Streamster is a live broadcasting app, designed to create a perfect live stream and deliver it to multiple platforms at once with cloud-based technology. It is available for Windows users and is popular among gamers, performers, influencers and other content creators from all over the world. One of the unique Streamster features is a possibility to stream from several computers at the time. Which means that you'll be able to set up and control your screen on any of connected computers (if all of them have Windows OS), and use all video and audio sources on all PCs.
Starting using Streamster is as easy as pie – just download and install the app. Registration is optional, but you’ll need it to connect several computers.

1. Download Streamster:

2. Create the Streamster account:

3. Launch the application with your account credentials on every computer you want to use for streaming.

Congratulations! Now you can set up your stream on different platforms on each computer and use video/audio devices from each PC!