Live streaming software

Streamster is simple to start. Just download the basic version for free then start your broadcast in just one click. There’s no complicated set up required and no need to register. Despite the simplicity, it boasts numerous features that allow you to produce and deliver high-quality live video content. With our powerful servers, we can deliver your high-quality live stream to any destination in the world with lowest latency. Perfect all round!
We use our servers for restreaming your broadcast to provide the most stable connection and the lowest latency. Wherever in the world you are, Streamster will connect to the server which is closest to you to help you stream your live video without needing to worry about delays or video quality. We will take care of it.

Wide range of features to create your perfect stream

RTMP restream

RTMP channels

Stream to the most popular platforms from our list or set up custom RTMP channel
Easy multistreaming

Easy to use

Set up and start streaming in just a few clicks
Streaming app responsive design

Responsive design

Set any application window size for the best streaming experience.


Stream to multiple platforms according to your pricing plan.
Streaming app cloud backups

Cloud backups

Have all your settings and info backed up in the cloud. You’ll be able to stream from entirely different devices without needing to go through set up again.
VPN for streaming

VPN secure

Establish a secured and encrypted connection to our servers from within the app. The VPN will protect all traffic from/to your computer
Screen live stream

Screen & window capture

Share your screen or a window from your computer with your audience
Stream image overlays

Image overlays

Add watermark or other images over your video
Live stream zoom in


Zoom in and out your video during the stream
Multi camera live stream

Multi camera video production

Stream or record video from several cameras at once
Stream desktop audio

Audio from 2 sources

Stream sound from microphone and desktop simultaneously
Video filters live streaming

Video filters

Preloaded and custom LUT filters for your stream
Stream remote control

Remote control

Control your live stream with remote PC or Android/iOS mobile device

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