Adult camming websites multistreaming for cam models

Cam modeling, also known as webcam modeling, is an increasingly popular way for individuals to earn money online by performing live shows for viewers. Cam models stream live video feeds from their homes or studios to a global audience, providing entertainment and engaging with viewers through chat and other features. The success and income of the model largely depend on the technical details, including the correct choice of streaming software.

Best streaming software for cam models

Streamster is a live video broadcasting software with a cloud-based multistreaming (restreaming) feature. It allows streaming to several websites with low processor load and moderate internet traffic usage. Streamster is compatible with many adult video chat industry platforms. Trusted by thousands of cam models and webcam modeling studios, Streamster helps them to expand their audience and increase profits by providing the best quality of the live stream video. Streamster offers a desktop streaming app for Windows, a mobile app for iOS/Android and a web-based multistreaming service compatible with OBS and other popular software.

Key advantages of Streamster technology for cam models

When you live stream with Streamster, the hard computer work happens at our end, not yours. All video-splitting processes take place on our servers which minimizes the load on your processor and keeps your internet usage at a minimum.
Streamster makes it easy to manage multiple streams at the touch of a button so you can increase your audience and get the exposure you’re looking for. Multiple streams management is easy no matter how many platforms you want to connect at the same time, and you can broadcast to any platforms that support RTMP. Better still, during a multiple stream broadcast your processor load and internet traffic usage will be the same as if you were streaming to a single website.
Streamster mobile app allows streaming from your smartphone to multiple cam sites wherever you are. Set up your streaming channels on your computer once and access them from any device. Better still, with Streamster you can combine webcam streaming from the PC with streaming from your mobile, switching the stream source during the show. Start your live show near your PC, and continue it with your mobile device in a different location. Or, just use your smartphone as a remote control for your PC streaming.
Different cam sites have different requirements for the quality of live streams. For some of them, the higher quality is better, some of them have bitrate limitations, and for some of them, these limitations are quite strict. So streaming the stream with the same quality to all platforms may be not the best idea. That’s why Streamster has the option of 2 different sets of preferences (resolution, FPS, bitrate) for different channels, which is available for certain pricing plans.
The VPN (Virtual public network) function is integrated into our Streamster App and available in any paid plan. It means you can establish a secured and encrypted connection to our servers from within the app, and have all of your internet traffic secured. If one of the streaming platforms is blocked in your country or you want to remain anonymous, VPN is a great option for you! The feature is available in any paid pricing plan.
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Run a webcam modeling studio and need several user accounts? Create a business account, manage all the users on one dashboard, get discounts, and control the stream of each model remotely during the stream.
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Recommended pricing plans for newbies and industry professionals

Free. $0 forever
Good for: novice models who stream to 1-2 platforms and need high video quality and tools to make the show unique and memorable.
Available features: Multi-camera production, video filters, 2 channels of multistreaming, image overlays, zoom, video filters, lovense integration, mobile streaming and remote control.
Lite. $15/month or $0.48/hour
Good for: experienced models who stream up to 4 platforms and need to stream in the highest available for most platforms' quality.
Available features: all in Free plus VPN.
Professional. $50/month or $1.56/hour
Good for: professionals who need to stream to more platforms and want to follow different platform requirements to maximize rankings.
Available features: all in Lite plus Transcoding.

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